Wednesday, September 05, 2007


What is the world coming to?


As if taking its cue from these laws of attraction, the ultra-progressive and fashion forward label Folded & Hung collaborated with Manila’s oft-controversial pop icon and poster child for the “think rich-be rich” generation, Tim Yap.

Just like his exuberant personality, the Theme:Yap limited-edition graphic shirts are bold, surreal and stylish, loudly and unapologetically proclaiming messages such as “Filthy Rich,” “Big Spender” and “Don’t Hate Me, Envy Me.” (I can already hear the keyboard sounds from bloggers everywhere… whatever!)

Do they actually think these photos are cool?

And to call him the poster child for the "think rich be rich" generation is absurd! 'Coz he's more of the "think rich sleep with the bosses" generation. At least they got it right by calling him "child". The author clearly wasn't sure of his gender.

He is what's wrong with the generation of today. I remember reading an article about young prostitutes, who come from good schools, and why they got into it. One answer struck me, "Kasi gusto ko makabili ng iPod".

All he does is flash some bling, party all night, and extort money from youngsters who don't know any place better other than that pathetic excuse for a club called Embassy.

He is not someone people should be looking up to. He should be an example of someone you wouldn't wanna turn out to be.

And how about this load of crap?

Now here’s the real secret. I believe the bigger statement in all this is Tim’s generosity, which is nothing short of legendary. The irrepressible Tim is, in fact, helping his favorite charity with his new show, GMA 7’s “Celebrity Duets.” Part of his prize money of P1M will go to the Red Cross if he wins. (To vote: Text Duets Tim and send to 2344 for Globe, Sun and TM, 367 Smart and Talk N’ Text.) So he’s not just wearing it on his sleeve!

Easy for him to say, 'coz he ain't winning.


Anonymous said...

bwahahaha! hinding-hindi na ako bibili ng f&h kung si tim yap din lang ang kanilang 'model'.

sino'ng gunggong kaya nakaisip ng concept ng shoot na yan?! ginagamit ang mahihirap para makabenta ng t-shirt?! mahiya nga sila sa sarili nila! nakakasuka sila!

Anonymous said...

The photos are in bad taste. It reminds me of that "Derelicte" campaign in the movie "Zoolander". This is a joke.

Anonymous said...

"think rich be rich" better than the wildly proliferating idea of, "the poor and meek will inherit the earth" and this whole being USED to poverty, which are both BIG parts of what keeps the poverty cycle going.

at least tim doesnt extort from the POOR. everyone knows they're being overcharged for a bottle of moet or dom at embassy but when you're back with old friends or makin new ones..and most especially because there arent ANY OTHER ONLY LIKE TWO REAL CLUBS in the country, that hardly matters.

Jinggay said...

i have nothing against him or f&h but the photographs didn't acheive what it wanted. instead it showed the stark contrast of rich and poor. it's a mockery.

Anonymous said...

"think rich, be rich"? HA! Hardly witty nor eloquent, Tim Yap's the poster child for the younger generation's intellectual demise.

Anonymous said...

Those were tasteless, insensitive ads. They deserved every bit of bashing you gave them.

Anonymous said...

i hate this effin gay...