Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I'm baaaaaack sweeties!

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It's so much faster to bash someone this way.

See ya honeys! =)

Sunday, August 30, 2009


I have some guy friends who go gaga over this girl. Bakit? Di ko talaga me-gets.

Unang-una, hindi sya maganda. Yung itchura nya, yung tipong mababangga mo sya sa mall, tapos mamumura mo kasi tatanga tanga sya, tapos yung friend mo sasabihin sa yo, "Sira ka, si Mariel yun!" Ikaw naman, "Sya yun? Bakit mukhang katulong?"

I don't get what the fuss is all about. I don't know where she came from. All I know is she's a host. That's it. She joined PBB ata, and is now hosting Wowowee, and is dating Zanjoe Marudo.

That's it. That's all she has to her name. And why the hell is ABS-CBN keeping her? Baka naman may jowa sya na ABS-CBN exec.

I see her host sa Wowowee, and naiirita ako sa kanya. Wala syang fashion sense. Minsan sobrang colorful ng suot nya, mukha syang sapin-sapin. Tapos minsan naman, hindi age appropriate suot nya. Feeling nya 18 years old sya. And she's not even a good host.

And I hate those contact lenses she uses. You know those uso ones, the ones that make your irises look bigger? Yung magmumukha kang anime? Iba effect sa kanya eh. Mukha syang lead sa The Grudge.

I've also seen her in that afternoon show, the title escapes me now. Di din sya marunong umarte.

And napansin nyo ba na wala ding ka-issue issue about her? Just goes to show how UNINTERESTING she really is. Ganon sya ka-boring, na di sya ginagawan ng intriga ng press.

Di din ako nagagandahan sa kanya. If you look closely, she looks like one of those she-males from Thailand. The really, really pretty ones.

If you ask me, hanggang ganyan nalang career nya. Unless mag-umpisa syang maghubad, ah eh, ibang usapan na yun. Marerealize ng mga tao na may talent pala sya sa pag halinghing at pagtirik ng mga mata.

I went to the ABS-CBN ball thing tonight at the Shang, and saw her there. Wala lang. Parang may nakaupong hangin sa tabi ni Zanjoe. Ang daming kumakausap kay Zanjoe, sa kanya wala. Well, yung waiter kinakausap sya. Kasi may pinapakuha syang food.

Actually, bagay pala sila ni Zanjoe, kasi isa pa yun na walang personality, as in. Parang may kausap ka din na baso pag kausap mo yun. Buti nga yung baso ma-sasatisfy yung thirst mo eh, si Zanjoe, pure eye candy. That's it.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Hey everyone!

Yes, yes I know. My vacay took waaaaaaay too long. We people have to work too you know. But that doesn't mean I forgot all about the people who needed to be bashed. I actually have a list on my laptop, and lately, it's been looking like some petition for GMA to step down.

Well I'm back, and I promise to post more regularly than before.

Just one note before I close this post. As I opened my blogger account, 100+ comments welcomed me. Mix reviews of course, both from lovers and haters, and floaters. Some were pretty harsh, some peppered with praises.

To the readers, thank you for supporting my blog. This is simply my outlet on my opinions on certain people and issues, and I am glad that a lot of you out there agree. Thank You for that. Just goes to show that we share the same belief that certain people should be put in their place. Hence this blog.

Now to the haters. I am sorry this blog offends you. You totally have the option of staying away from this blog anyway right? Nobody's putting a gun to your head to read this blog. So in that note, I would like to say this to the haters:

There that's better.

Now on to the bashing shall we?

You guys will hear from me soon.

Clues on my victims? Lemme see. Initials are M.R., V.B., CJC and WR.


Sunday, March 01, 2009


Can someone please tell me bakit hindi napansin kung gano kachaka ang wig ni Sarah Geronimo sa You Changed My Life?

Pati ba si John Lloyd eh nahihiyang i-bring up ang glaring mistake?

This is something I've noticed in many Star Cinema movies. Fire your damn wig sponsor please! They look like they were borrowed from Barbie!

Actually, I take that back. Barbie's looks better.

Ang buhok dapat gumagalaw, hindi mukhang roadkill.

At ang kulay dapat pang Pinoy, hindi pang drag queen.

Come to think of it, hiniram ata ni Sarah ang wig na yan from Nina. Paki-check ang picture ni Nina below.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Never liked her and never will.

Unang una, hindi sya maganda. Mukha syang japayuki. Refer to picture above.

Baduy sya, walang taste. From her make-up, her hairstyle, and her outfits.

And lastly, at ito din ang pinaka-important, I hate her voice! Yaaaak!

Ang sakit sa tenga ng boses nya I swear. I mean sure fine, sina Regine at Sarah din naman eh biritera din, pero at least may K bumirit. Eh ito, nagpupumilit bumirit, di naman kagalingan. At hindi sya belter, ang nipis ng boses. Trying to birit lang, chamba naman lagi.

If not for her hit songs, she is nothing.

Remember that Nescafe jingle she recorded a few years back? Where she does this Mariah-like whistle at the end? Did you know that it took her longer to record the whistle than the whole song? Insider kwento yan.

I remember watching a concert at OnStage where she sang Through The Fire and tried to do the whistle at the end of the song, and nothing came out! As in parang namatay ung mic!

And how dare she touch classic songs like Foolish Heart and I Can't Make You Love Me, eh di naman nya nabibigyan ng katarungan! Have you heard her cover of Burn? Hay, I swear lahat ng mga daga sa bahay eh naglalabasan dahil sa kantang yan! Kaya sya tinawag na Soul Siren, kasi kasing tinis ng Sirena ang boses nya.

And get this, from what I heard, she's a coke addict. Maybe that's why her face is messed up. And hopefully her career will be too.

Watch this:

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


First there was Lipgloss, TV5's el cheapo version of obviously, Gossip Girl.

And now comes Takipsilim, the Pinoy version of Twilight.

Ano ba?! Wala na ba kayong maisip na bago ABS-CBN? Kopyahan na lang ba ang labanan? Dahil ba DYOSKO ang nangyayari kay DYOSA?

Even Perez Hilton is upset.

Haaay, kelan kaya magiging matalino ang Pinoy TV no? Kaya ang bobobo ng kabataan nowadays eh, it's coz of ideas and shows like this!

Ka-cheapan to the pinaka-top level! Linamon nya ang Master Showman sa ka-cheapan!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Ah...eh...sa tingin ba ng Garage Magazine eh hindi halata ang pagkaka-stretch nila sa mukha ni Geoff Eigenmann sa latest issue nila?

We all know that this guy has had problems with his weight, and is just resting on being good looking.

He's a bad host. Tunog special child pag nag hohost sa MYX. He's a bad actor. Walang sinabi sa mga magulang nya. And he's a bad endorser. Hanford? Really? Is he even HOT? Like underwear hot? NOT!

Naiirita na talaga ako sa magazine na 'to. Napaka-pretentious. Eh puro lifted lang naman sa ibang US mags ang content. The styling is all messed up, articles are irrelevant, and it's P200 bucks. I mean fine, it is way better than that pathetic excuse for a men's mag called Metro HIM, but will you just settle for being better when you can be the best? Hay, I'd read Men's Health anytime than these.

I mean look at that cover. Milestone ba ang styling na pinakita dito? Wow, leather jacket on a plain white shirt! How come I never thought of that?! Uuy, dogtag! Sige, gagamitin ko uli ung mga laos ko na na dogtag! Uy, half-tucked ung shirt! That's such an ultra new tip!

If you're really the ultimate style guide for guys, then why don't you stay away from the high end brands and teach men how to dress up well without spending a fortune? I mean Zara, Springfield and Paul Smith? Scour through SM, Surplus Shop, Landmark, and the tiangges for the really cool and cheap finds.

And take note. If the Conde Nast publication, Cargo, didn't make it, then what chance do you guys have? Let's face it. We live in a third world country. The people who can afford your magazine and the stuff you push, are rich enough to not even buy your magazine for tips. Chances are, they already got style. Or if not, they have their own personal stylist or shopper.

There's so little of men's stuff out there that you'll surely run out of stuff to print. And men hold on to a shirt like an old pair of boxers. They hardly change their wardrobe, much less add on to it. Men are just fine as it is. Fitness is something they can welcome in. New fashion, maybe in like 40 issues in.