Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Hey everyone!

Yes, yes I know. My vacay took waaaaaaay too long. We people have to work too you know. But that doesn't mean I forgot all about the people who needed to be bashed. I actually have a list on my laptop, and lately, it's been looking like some petition for GMA to step down.

Well I'm back, and I promise to post more regularly than before.

Just one note before I close this post. As I opened my blogger account, 100+ comments welcomed me. Mix reviews of course, both from lovers and haters, and floaters. Some were pretty harsh, some peppered with praises.

To the readers, thank you for supporting my blog. This is simply my outlet on my opinions on certain people and issues, and I am glad that a lot of you out there agree. Thank You for that. Just goes to show that we share the same belief that certain people should be put in their place. Hence this blog.

Now to the haters. I am sorry this blog offends you. You totally have the option of staying away from this blog anyway right? Nobody's putting a gun to your head to read this blog. So in that note, I would like to say this to the haters:

There that's better.

Now on to the bashing shall we?

You guys will hear from me soon.

Clues on my victims? Lemme see. Initials are M.R., V.B., CJC and WR.



Anonymous said...

Missed you po, can't wait for you to start off, well will visit again everyday to check...elmer

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

ketty said...

yey! you're back!

bitchybachelor said...

oooooh, im sooo excited na! si M.R., C.J.C., at W.R. super ako na pinoys.. ewan ko lang kung tama yung iniisip kong si V.B. na foreign.

anyway, im so glad you're back!

RoxyBathory said...

hey! ang tagal tagal mo na ring hindi nag-post dito... what happened to you anyway? wala na bang ma-bash? no pun intended, pero ang dami-daming dapat i-bash... particularly in showbiz. dapat i-bash ang pag-reremake ng mga remarkable koreanovelas eh.

Anonymous said...

hmmm....Mar Roxas, Vicki Belo, Carlo J. Caparas, and Willie Revillame! hahaha! am i right or am i right?

Adam said...

i check everyday. Please start writing. I miss your works. More power to Bashing101!!!

Adam said...

M.R. pwedeng Mar Roxas or Marian Rivera. Whatcha think?