Sunday, March 01, 2009


Can someone please tell me bakit hindi napansin kung gano kachaka ang wig ni Sarah Geronimo sa You Changed My Life?

Pati ba si John Lloyd eh nahihiyang i-bring up ang glaring mistake?

This is something I've noticed in many Star Cinema movies. Fire your damn wig sponsor please! They look like they were borrowed from Barbie!

Actually, I take that back. Barbie's looks better.

Ang buhok dapat gumagalaw, hindi mukhang roadkill.

At ang kulay dapat pang Pinoy, hindi pang drag queen.

Come to think of it, hiniram ata ni Sarah ang wig na yan from Nina. Paki-check ang picture ni Nina below.


Anonymous said...

hehehe-ito ba yung latest movie ni Michael V?lols!!!

RoxyBathory said...

siguro ang suggestion ko????? sa susunod mong bashing, si vicki la whore belo and whore-den kho ang dapat mong i-bash.... both of them are so-called doctors that never deserved respect.

sorry, i've made an irrelevant post. pero i am just making a suggestion. gawin mo to, mamumuktati ito ng lambastment, pramis!

Anonymous said...

yikes, what a super ugly wig. it looks like a dead animal on her head. why even bother with a wig? is she bald or something?

Hunk Idol said...

looks real naman the wig...for her

Anonymous said...

i think this is one of the things that makes director cathy molina's movies different. she's very much into making her actors look different by wearing a wig. yun nga lang magandang wig sana ang ginagamit di ba?! dapat excellent pa rin :-)

Anonymous said...

Cathy Garcia-Molina considers wigs as her lucky charms.

When watching a movie, let's not dwell on this stuffs.

Anonymous said...

pack your bags!rumor has it that Boy Abunda is running for congress!