Saturday, December 22, 2007


Of all the creepy things to come out in the market, this I think takes the cake.

I know all women think this is a god send, but come on. It's like one sneeze away from going commando. Wouldn't using a napkin be so much cheaper?

And I think it'd be more comfortable too. This I think feels like you got a hanger wrapped around your garden.

I never thought having the panty lines bothered women this much. I never minded the pantylines. I just carefully choose the texture and thickness of the fabric, of both the thongs and the skirt or pants.

And what is up with the tail like end of the C string? It's like having a bad hair day, only it's stuck between your cheeks, and a pinch can't even fix it.


Anonymous said...

sana hindi na lang gumamit ng panty kung itong klaseng panty din ang gagamitin. mas maganda walang panty para madali din ang access. haha

kilab0tz said...

wahaha such things exist. nag panty pa!

Anonymous said...

sa susunod pwede na rin ang band-aid

andrea said...

The Cstring is actually very great despite what this critic states. I wear it almost all the time. I get the liberation of feeling like i'm wearing nothing, but with the modesty of knowing i'm covered down there. All of my dresses fit a lot better now. It allows for NO Tan lines at the beach which is great. The only drawback is the first couple moments you put it on, b/c it is almost always uncomfortable for a few. You do feel the wiring wedged in you for a moment, but then you almost forget about it and its feels like you have nothing on at all down there. This is only a small negative, because this product is great.