Sunday, December 07, 2008


Now where the fuck do I start with this sorry ass excuse for a director?
Ok, as far as I know, he got his name up there by directing Regine Velasquez's music videos for her album R2K. Dunno how he managed to get that deal, maybe he paid Regine?
All his videos are such an eyesore. Tangina, lahat na lang ng kulay ginamit. Wala ng ginawa kungdi mag pan ng camera, bawat linya cut-to-cut sa iba-ibang set-up. Kairita! As if nakaka-impress ang ginagawa nya.
I hate watching SOP because he directs it. I never watched ASAP before 'coz most of the best singers are in SOP, but I find myself watching ASAP instead of SOP because his camera work gives me such a fucking headache. Ang sakit sa mata punyeta. Parang laging may fiesta sa SOP. Confetti, check. Lahat ng kulay ng ilaw, check. Bubbles, check. Smoke machine, check. Strobe lights, check. Laser lights, check. Oh and yeah, he directs Celebrity Duets, and the now non-existent Pinoy Idol and Songbird. I'm sure he directs more GMA shows, and I'm staying away from them.And the nice thing about it is a lot of people feel the same way too. He's a huge joke in the directing industry. Try asking people like Quark Henares or some of the more sosyal directors, and I'm sure you'll get a mouthful.
Apparently, followers of famous pinoy blogger Rickey Yaneza hates him too. He has no taste whatsoever, and I don't even wanna know kung san sya nag-aral mag-direct. Kung san man yan, best to stay away from that place. Yun eh kung nag-aral nga sya mag-direct. That's why it's no wonder why he hardly does big stuff, like movies, documentaries and stage plays. Because he's nothing. Mabuburo na lang sya sa music videos, kasi yun lang ang kaya nya, and wala pang kwenta.
To the GMA7 execs. Do not underestimate your audience. May utak ang mga tao ngayon, masa man yan. Instead of making the masa more masa, why not treat them to something different? And introduce them to better things diba?
Axe Louie Ignacio, and replace him with someone younger, who has fresher ideas, and someone who doesn't do the same thing over and over and over again.


Anonymous said...

sya ung umagaw kay martin jickain from aiko melendez. kaya the nerve magmaganda yan e kasi ang gwapo ng jowa. dapat tanggalan yan ng trabaho para walang pangsuporta sa mga lalake nya. mang-aagaw ng asawa!

RoxyBathory said...

talaga naman eh! as if naman he is a directorial guru.... sheeet man! he is not a prodigy, well, not prodigy enough to lambast unjustly the starstruck contestants. he is an effin' jinx to the subsequent seasons after the first starstruck. siya ang dahilan kung bakit pasubsob ng pasubsob ang ratings ng starstruck kaya pati batch ni aljur na-letche!

Anonymous said...

Wala talaga kuwenta mga music videos ni Louie Ignacio. Talo pa nga siya ni Bamboo sa music video ng "Probinsiyana" sa pagdi direk. Pwee.