Saturday, June 30, 2007


I had coffee with a friend from a bridal magazine last night. She needed to unwind and whine again about how ironic it was to be unattached and working for a bridal mag. Woe is me.

Anyway, she had a stack of mags with her, and as I was browsing through them, there was this bit about Christine Bersola's "innovative" bridal biz. She preserves bridal gowns and bouquets.

So I was like, "Oh, this is new!" And my friend goes, "Hay, gaya gaya lang 'yan no. At ginaya na lang nga nya, wala pang kwenta. Bersola is one for the books."

Apparently, the first and only one to have this kind of service is The Bridal Conservatory. They have been doing this for almost 6 years, a first in the Philippines, and they have a very impressive clientele.

My friend says that Christine Bersola wanted The Bridal Conservatory to preserve her wedding gown and bouquet, but on x-deal, wherein Bersola would feature TBC on her morning show, Magandang Umaga Bayan, and TBC would preserve Bersola's gown and bouquet for free.

TBC turned it down, and Bersola put up her own Bridal Preservation business. Talk about sourgraping. Industry professionals say hers is such a bad copycat, that it fails miserably. TBC is not threatened at all, and is still doing very well I believe.

Bersola even came out with a wedding video, entitled something like "How To Plan Your Dream Wedding On Less Than P1M." Wedding suppliers' running joke is an answer to that, "Eh di x-deal!"

Another friend of mine from a glossy says that Bersola and Babao's wedding was also a major x-deal. Her souvenirs, food and venue were all free. All she had to do was mention them in her TV and radio shows. I also heard from a reporter that their wedding invitation had like this page of logos of her sponsors. Eeeew tacky! I have yet to see the invite, and if this is true, I'll post it here. Can anyone verify this?

If all this is true, I am so disgusted. I thought Babao's family was well-off? I even saw this celebrity home coverage of their house, and I think I saw Starck numerous times.

I was up really early last week, and when I turned on the radio, it was tuned in to some AM station, with Bersola and Babao on board. She actually promoted her bridal biz on air. She sounded like she didn't know what she was talking about. She said, "Ano nga ba 'yun?" and "Basta" a couple of times. And this was before I had coffee with my friend.

And to top it all off, she's trying to pull a Madge! She's coming out with children's books! Well, at least this is right up her alley, and she's hitting her market really well. I just hope the books are affordable by the masa.

Say it with me everyone. Ka-cheapan!


Bryanboy said...

X-deals and freebies, no doubt, are one of the major perks of being a "celebrity" or a "high-profile" person. Who wouldn't say no to free material things in exchange of promotion? I know I wouldn't. So what if their alleged wedding invitations have sponsor logos? Also, Babao's wealth is totally irrelevant. Let them be -- it's their wedding and they can smear their faces with shit and eat it if they want to.

What I'm more concerned about is the shameless promotion of self-interests done by people in the media.

I vaguely know Christine Bersola but her name is familiar and she does have a show at a Chanel 2.

Is Christine promoting her OWN "business" on a show that's produced and owned by a network and not by herself? If that's the case then I say stone the bitch to death. Just kidding.

Is she paying airtime to the network?

I honestly don't have problems with media people promoting OTHER business such as sponsors, paid or unpaid, x-deal or not, etc. It's all part of the circus.

The only time it becomes a problem is when someone in the media use their position to promote their OWN businesses and ventures on a show that's NOT produced/paid for/owned by them.

Anonymous said...

i think that's the reason why she was booted out of her morning show also...because of all her "ex-deals".

Anonymous said...

a wedding invite with corporate logos on it? bwahaha! that's not just crass, that's the frigging Truman Show! this wedding is brought to you by Crapola Inc. why not have their kids "sponsored", too? this live birth is brought to you by Capitalist Pigs and Co.

Anonymous said...

i maybe kuripot, but ill never do those things. ill never forget that ch2 exclusive coverage nung birth ng baby nila. sobrang papansin. paki ng lahat?

cristine is the ultimate pa-tweetums. as if she's still 11(yo). sarap hambalusan ng tv sa mukha.

Bryanboy said...


i died laughing, i swear. hilarious!

dude, almost EVERYONE in filipino media/tv manila is "pa-tweetums"

Anonymous said...

christine bersola is cheap!!!

proof that no matter how rich one get, how she gets to dress up so nice and smell so good, you cant change the person that she is deep down!!!!

very pasosyal!!!!

Anonymous said...

People, that is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

There has been a lot of bad talk regarding Kris Aquino coming out in a TV commercial with 3-month old Baby James, fresh on the heels of complications giving birth to the said child, not to mention the Hope-James controversy.

But the original infant-peddler is none other than Bersola herself! The second that Antonia (nice name; nice fodder for future conversations with a therapist) learned how to smile, mama gets her a job endorsing baby diapers. Sure, it's been done before, but one can't help but wonder if mama smiles her big smile thoughout the ad because she was in it too. That's two sets of model talent fees for her and her spawn, plus her manager's commission for the poor kid's work.

But dears, her x-deal wedding is nothing. Have you heard about Antonia's baptism?

She ended up not spending a cent. Everything from the food to the giveaways were x-deals, death by product placement in and around the venue (sponsored) and in the printed invites and program cards (also sponsored).

And that doesn't even include the gifts from the 400-plus invited guests.

Or the 46 ninongs and ninangs.

Diyos na mahabagin. Ikalakal natin ang bagets!

Anonymous said...

cheap to death!!!!!!!!to think that Christine Bersola was not the real fiance of Julius Babao.

Anonymous said...

my golly mamaw! bersola even copied the "i am not a plastic bag" fad. after she showed her original bag on tv... she went on to promote her own version of the said bags for a more affordable price. how "creative" can she ever get? bwahaha! she's so baduy!

Anonymous said...

i hate her