Sunday, July 01, 2007


I was watching ETC this afternoon, and was pleased to see a new Chupa Chups TV ad. It was of this girl who rides a bus, and unwraps a Chupa Chups, and starts sucking on it. Seeing this, the rest of the passengers starts sucking on whatever they had with them. Then the girl looks at them, and then everyone stops sucking.

Funny ad I thought. Then the new tag line panned in, "The Pleasure Of Sucking". I was floored. Didn't even know if I read that right.

So I Googled it, and true enough, it is Chupa Chups' latest campaign.

Also checked out out their site, and it even says "Sucking is good for you!"

They even have another TV ad running. Got this from YouTube.

Grabe. I know they're just marketing the common lollipop to not just kids, but I'm sure this campaign was deliberate. So now the marketing strategy "sex sells" applies to lollipops too?

Am I being a prude?


haydee said...

baka kasi mas uso na ang blow pop ngayon.

you're not being a prude, i felt the same way. chupa chups is supposed to bring happy childhood memories and now it just conjures thoughts of a different kind.

Chiara said...

Hi, I released that picture under a creative commons license (attribution - non commercial –shareAlike)
you should provide a back-link please.