Friday, August 03, 2007


I have ranted about this wannabe model search a several posts back, and I must say, they continue to scare the shit out of me.

They have had 10 legs, and now they're on to the finals.

Nakakasuka ang finalists grabe. I can't even pick who's gonna win. Maybe this will be a first for contests na walang mananalo. Lahat talo! Hahaha panalo!

If you're ready for a scare, check out more hideousness at

I swear ang sarap pagbabarilin ang mga ito! Sumasakit ulo ko!


Bryanboy said...

IC Mendoza for president! loves it!

hotness said...


grabe nga yung iba dun...

puro ako "are these people for real?!" habang tinitingan yung flickr page nung contest

Anonymous said...

Gawd please. Let's talk about it. We are not wannabes. And please, we are also ashamed of this. Natatawa nalang kame. :D Go pagbabarilin mo na kame kung kaya mo. hahaha. Gawd nakita mo pa toh? haha. Anyway, your blogs are funny and interesting. Ayoko na, fan pa naman ako ng blogs mo. Pati ako dinaot mo. I won't tell you kung sino ako dyan, but that's a long long time ago! gosh! ewww talaga! hahaha. ewww! delete this na. haha! natatawa ako!