Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Hi everyone. I apologize for not updating my blog.

Apparently, a lot of people think my blog is offensive, one-sided and so over the top.

And they also wonder why I can't even reveal my identity when I'm so blatant and brutal with my topics and comments.

It made me think. Maybe the world has too many shit already that a blog about that shit has no room in cyberspace. Life has too many bumps that more happy blogs should be written and created.

It even got me contemplating on closing the blog all together.

And what did I decide on?

Leche sila.

If they don't wanna read the shit in my blog, then they should just go log on to disneyland.com and read that. And cut your arm with a nailcutter while you're at it.

I put this blog up to rant about the shit in this world, and apparently, many people agree with me too.

So to whoever gets offended by this blog, kiss my ass.


Anonymous said...

No, please don't close your blog. This is a source of fun and gossip and I'm very amused of the things and observations you have. Don't mind those people telling you off - this is your blog and you can do anything you want.

Just please update more regularly :)

More power!

Anonymous said...

Yes, everyone has a right to an opinion. Your blog is a entertaining to read, to say the least. Don't be affected by intolerant people who cannot handle other views. aliw ka kaya!

Anonymous said...

same here. I am not offended. I actually love it!

chukchakera said...

agree akez... update mo naman more often! I'm dying to read yuor pang-ookray sa latest happenings sa local scene... like yung rape ni snooky, keanna-jake issue etc!!!!

more power to you, mother!!!! post lang ng post! okrayin ang mga dapat lang okrayin para magising sila sa katotohanan!!!!

Anonymous said...

oo nga, please don't stop! it's good to read different sides of views.

Anonymous said...

yeah rock on. i love your blog.

galingan mo pa.

sana si ethel booba naman next time

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog tonight, actually, and, I am in love with it! Haha, straightforward, honest and funny, I love it. I agree with you in so many levels. Ngayon ko lang na discover blog mo, pero sinusubukan ko na basahin lahat ng post. I'm 13, I don't think it's too vulgar over-the-top at all, if people don't like your blog, then they don't have to read it. They should just deal with it, for crying out loud, edi gumawa cla sarili nila blog :))..Love you, don't take your blog down :D