Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Why is this scary thing so famous here in the Philippines?

He's an old, old, gay man with bad teeth, bad skin, bad hosting skills, bad attitude, bad breath (so I heard), and bad managerial skills (he owns Backroom).

I have boycotted ABS-CBN altogether because of 2 people: Kris Aquino and this DOM.

I used to hate John Lapuz, but now, he seems alright now that I have someone knew to despise.Why the fuck would Argentina hire him for an endorser? He used to endorse Great Image, but apparently, nagising din sila. As if he even buys Argentina.

And that show of his, Home Boy? Kill me, kill me now! Walang kwenta ang mga topics, the title of the show has nothing to do with the format, and he's definitely not the way to start your day! Sira ang araw mo I'm sure! Parang nagkape ka nga, pero binuhos mo sa mukha mo.I cringe everytime he starts his sentences with "kaibigan". And the way he modulates his voice when he's hosting is so annoying!!! Bring back Butch Francisco please!

He reminds me of this host before, Giovanni Calvo, but that guy's a goner now. And I hope Boy follows soon.

And why the hell would you wanna be managed by this uglyzoid? Leche, eh mas sikat pa sya sa mga minamanage nya eh! If I were some star, I wouln't wanna support his career you know. He's just gonna use your money on his boyfriends!

Ang ABS-CBN nga naman. Ang pinapasikat yung mga walang kwentang tao. Pero yung mga may talent, binabaon sa limot.

Kasalanan din ng Pinoy yan eh. These networks are trippin' with your minds. They make you think these people are cool, when in fact, they're absolute trash!

How could anyone agree to be his boyfriend? Imagine waking up to that hideous face every morning. You'll never get used to it. Oh yeah, money.

With all that money, why can't he have his face fixed? And I just don't mean fix as in repairs and stuff, 'coz I think Belo does that for him now. I'm talking about major renovating and overhauling!

Take him off the air please. I beg you. He doesn't deserve the attention he's getting. He doesn't contribute anything valuable to society. He's just taking up space in this country. And that makes him useless.

If he runs for Senate, I swear I will leave the country. Lokohan na eh.


Jay said...

Hi bashing 101,

Yup i do agree with your comments. Wag na masyado sa looks niya. Ang unforgivable talaga ay iyung pag naghohost siya, parang eventually tungkol din sa kanya ang ending ng conversation. Di ko maintindihan kung bakit pumapayag ang mga iniinterview niya na he ends up manipulating ang conversation. Sa isang show nia, ang favorite ko lang ay noong ininterview niya si Cecil Licad. That gal is really intelligent and UNPREDICTABLE. Parang natameme at hindi umubra ang caches ni boy abunda sa kanya!

Ewan ko ba kung bakit ang laki laki ng billboards niya. parang insulto na sa kumpanyang ineendorse niya eh. Sana diliman ang ilaw pag kukunan siya.

One of the reasons as well kung bakit hindi na ako nanonood ng channel 2. Its because of this guy!

eric said...

he came over to iloilo recently to interview some young ilonggos who's done well in their fields. yung isa 6pm yung time na binigay for the shoot, 11:30pm na yata dumating. eh designer yun. ayun, namutla lang mga models sa kahihintay at nabura na makeup. then there's this young chef na nagluto pa ng specialties niya. di man lang dumating ang feeling oh so fabulous (hihihi) na abunda. buti na lang yung top makeup artist na kinontrata nila to do his makeup eh nadala na. yung assistant ang pinadala. sabi nga niya, i can do magic only up to a certain extent. hindi ako gumagawa ng milagro. yun na yun.

Anonymous said...

You forgot bad fashion. How insulting is it to the poor na he spends all that money on the trash he wears. Kahit sabihin nating he gets freebies, it's still money spent on making trash. I absolutely hate how he announces things, making the silliest stuff sound so important. That's my cue na what he's gonna say is NOT important at all!

Now, can we talk about Edu Manzano on "Game Ka Na Ba"? I can't believe how horrible he is. So dry and boring. That's all I'm gonna say for now. ;)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"He reminds me of this host before, Giovanni Calvo, but that guy's a goner now. And I hope Boy follows soon."

--Fyi, Giovanni Calvo is dead for years now... literally... as in passed away... patay... Not just the usual goner na career lang ang namatay...
I may not like Boy but i sure don't wish him dead. hehe.

Anonymous said...

bashing 101: you got it right again. this decaying gay man who can't even string two sentences together without the second sentence alluding to himself doesn't deserve to be on TV - nor anywhere else - except maybe in an asylum for narcissists.

his contract as an endorser for that corned beef brand got renewed only because he called the client that he's going to indorse another brand should they not renew his contract. that slimy, talentless fucker. talk about self promotion. especially that even his personality doesn't even move the market share - andami atang nasuka kaysa natakam ng commercial.

not only is he a bad manager of talents, he's also worse when it comes to managing his business. he teamed up with that equally despicable kris aquino to come up with an ad agency. imagine the nerve of these two morons putting up an ad agency. sa awa ng diyos two years na ang kanilang effort, di man lang sumikat ang ahensiya.

as for him running for the senate, i think he would like it - ano ba naman ang makita niya ang kanyang mukha sa lahat ng posters at billboards. but then again he might only get a single vote. the way there's only a single buyer of corned beef.

Anonymous said...

He's ugly as my pet pig! Look at his piggy nose!

Anonymous said...

hehehehe...The blog seemed so demeaning but certain points were definitely true. To bashing101- your delivery was undeniably and brutally honest! I salute you for that.hehehe :) to add some obnoxious comments, di kayo sosyal kris and boy! hehehe un lang..:p