Thursday, January 24, 2008


What is happening to Regine Velasquez? She is clearly losing her touch.

Her last movie with Piolo Pascual tanked. It was expected to be her biggest movie yet, especially since it's opposite Piolo Pascual. Fine, blame it on Ogie's huge announcement via Yes Magazine.

Her last concert, "Ang Ating Awitin", was a disaster.

Her new duet with Jaya, a remake of Joey Albert and Pops Fernandez's "Points Of View", is so terrible, I swear, it makes Pops sound good.

She's often all over the place in SOP, missing her lyrics and walking out in the middle of the show.

I think the Songbird's feathers are shedding one by one.

And honestly, I think she's getting complacent.

Maybe because she knows people will still support her even if she fucks up?

Some people actually blame mismanagement, and the person resposible is her sister, Cacai. Instead of referring to her as "the sister" of Regine, musicians now call her "disaster"of Regine.

And isn't it about time to get all covered up honey? You're getting old, and it shows in your humps.


Anonymous said...

talk about bashing, check this out:

Anonymous said...

baka nag cr lang. sumakit tiyan sa kakabirit. hehehe

Anonymous said...

lola, this incident was ages ago na po. kunsabagay, regine is getting old na rin talaga. you should read some of the comments in youtube about regine & lani misalucha. ginagawa nilang nora & vilma again hehe

Anonymous said...

hay, kasalanan ni ogie 'yan. hehe. ang weird nila tingnan: 50-ft. woman meets ape.

Anonymous said...

Filipinos exagerate all the time. Just listen to her singing... not worth a dime.

Asia's songbird? you've got to be kidding!

That's a crime for bad labeling.