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I have been watching PI (Pinoy Idol or Putang Ina?) since it started, and sure, I did diss the patapon show 'coz it sucked big time. But I saw potential with a handful of its finalists. But since they are being eliminated one by one, I gotta say something again.

The eliminated finalists with potential and some are even ready for the bigtime are Meryl David, Walton Zerrudo, Beverly Ejercito, Jeni Rawole, Mae Flores, and the best one in the lot, Robby Navarro.

PI can blame the voters all they want, but it all boils down to a show that isn't rating. The number of votes is somewhat proportional to its viewership. The show has been running for weeks now, and never has the Goodyear blimp, Raymond Gutierrez, mentioned the prizes at stake and the number of votes cast. Nakakahiya ba to even mention? Siguro nga. I can imagine it now, "After the nationwide vote of 1,000, we are happy to announce that the prizes at stake are as follows: a record deal. That's it. Now let's eliminate someone."

The new set of the Top 12 looks like some cheap beauty pageant or variety show in Taiwan. Louie Ignacio, you should retire. I don't even know why GMA 7 even hired you in the first place. You have very poor taste, and you're highly overrated.

The TV mix of the sound never improved, camera shots still suck, and the judges are still lame. And don't get me started with the host.

Jeni Rawole's elimination was a huge disappointment. Sure, her music won't make it mainstream, but she has obvious class, and her music is sure to hit a certain market. And to top it all off, she was eliminated the same week Bagyong Frank hit her hometown, Iloilo. The whole of Iloilo didn't have electricty, and I'm sure the mobile signals were down too. So it was very unfair for her to be eliminated based on votes alone. Why didn't Fremantle take a cue from Philippine Idol? The same thing happened back then, with Milenyo. They made the same week a non-elimination week, but 2 will be eliminated the next week. That's how it should have been done this year. Apparently, Fremantle just shrugged their shoulders and said, "too late". It would have been interesting to have Jeni on the show, with the themes starting. Imagine a jazzy version of a Jose Mari Chan hit. Now that's class and talent.

Frankly, I am sick and tired of this never ending ratings race between GMA 7 and ABS-CBN. Since PDA started, Pinoy Idol, especially Pinoy Idol extra, turned into this soap, and obviously took advantage of its finalists. They began to have challenges, started to provoke its finalists, and even manipulated their interviews with editing. (read: Robby Navarro was a Pinoy Idol victim).

He was the best vocalist in the whole competition, all three judges agreed. I know Wyngard does, he just won't admit it. Yes, he had a bad night with his last performance, "The Greatest Love of All", but the judges didn't pin him down. So what happened that could've caused him the lowest number of votes? Three words: Pinoy Idol extra. Watch what I mean here.

I was there at Center Stage of the Mall of Asia during the elimination of Robby Navarro. After the taping, you could certainly feel the tension and disappoinment from the whole staff, the other finalists and the audience. Now that the best vocalist was eliminated based on false pretenses, it seems like the rest of the finalists' efforts will all be wasted. 'Coz now they all know that the show is not based on talent AT ALL.

Now let's talk about what other elements can get you that much coveted Pinoy Idol title. MONEY. The show's results is based on text votes ALONE. Meaning it's not the Philippines who decides, it's the finalist who has the most moolah to burn. Two names come to mind, and all finalists would agree, Jayann Baustista and Gretchen Espina. These two have never been in the bottom group, and yes they are pretty, but they suck like hell. If I was a finalist, and had serious cash to burn, I would probably do that too. But I would not be too proud to not admit that a lot are more talented than I am, and it would feel so much better if it was the viewers who voted for me, and not my political clan.

What about looks? We all know that physicality will get you seriously far in this biz. Some people even have to sleep with certain people to get to the top, but I'm reserving that for another post. I'm talking about Daryl Celis. Yes he is a cutie, and that face of his has made him move on to the Top 9, he was the 2nd to the bottom last week, but how could he win over Robby? His singing is not that hideous, but it's not that great either. Honestly, I would choose to look at his face the whole night than hear him sing. Enough said. Almost all the finalists agree on this. See for yourself.

Alright so let's see. So far we've got money, looks, and intrigue. Anything else? The judges' opinions? You all know that the judges' opinions don't matter because this competition is based solely on votes. WRONG. What if there was someone over and above the three judges who calls almost all the shots? Someone who cares so much about packaging and the finalists' past that he/she doesn't even care about talent anymore. Something to think about huh?

Wanna rant and rally for a wildcard? Wish to bring Robby, Mae, Meryl, Jeni and Walton back?

Email and flood the GMA7 and Fremantle people at these email addresses:


Anonymous said...

That's the problem with so-called "Talent" competitions in the Philippines. Because we rely too much on the amount of text messages sent to determine who moves forward, nothing that the judges say will sway the public to voting for someone over the other.

Basta may pera at may appeal ang contestant, asahan mong nasa kanya ang boto ng tao.

Che said...

Boo! Pinoy idol sucks! ugh...

EilaTalks said...

Very true! Indeed, the one with a lot of cash won..Gretchen Espina..Ugh! she couldn't even carry a tune..yan ang uso...Sucks!

Anonymous said...

The Philippines to just stop being a copy cat, and learn to be original,they can't even come up with there own shows the copy everyone else, pinoy you don't got talent, "crab mentality"