Sunday, September 21, 2008


Was at the mall today, and I saw this new local magazine at National Bookstore. It looked awfully familiar, thought my fave mag which folded 2 years ago is back. Not!

It's the new Men's Lifestyle mag called GARAGE, with Jake Cuenca on the cover. Obvious bang local kasi local ang cover?

I have been a fan of Cargo since it came out, and was able to collect every issue that came out. And I'm a girl sheesh! It featured everything a guy likes, from clothes, cars, grooming, gadgets, electronics, fitness, sports, and sex. Too bad after 2 years, the magazine folded, and I've always wished it would resurrect. Cargo is under Conde Nast by the way, the same publushers of Lucky, Vogue and GQ.

And now we have this copycat from Manila Bulletin. I mean fine, I'm glad MB is KIND OF upping their magazines, out with the old (and I mean PANORAMA) and on with the new (Sense & Style and Sugar Sugar), but please please lang naman. Wala ba kayong originality?

First of all, the size of Sugar Sugar is so Teen Vogue (actually, Seventeen ang unang culprit), and Garage is sooo Cargo.I mean fine, you had to copy an obsure magazine which was never sold in Manila so that you guys won't get caught. But how about people who do know? Like me?

People like me is your mag's market, and you expect me to check out your cheapo rip-off? No thanks.

I'm sorry, but we are in a third world country, and there's not enough stuff to feature in a magazine like yours.

If Cargo didn't make it, what chance does your magazine have?


lele said...

ganda ng kaya garage, mare. it's about time na we had something like this.;)

Anonymous said...

i just recently chanced upon your blog when googling baout Raya Mananquil (i always see her at the weekend market, in fact i saw her last saturday with her mom there -- it was surreal to be seeing the mom after learning so much about her in other blogs -- all bad things). please keep on posting! i find your entries very entertaining :)

Anonymous said...

its a common practice talaga for local mags to copy photoshoots/styling from old issues/obscure foreign mags, I've noticed it ages ago. I also have a photog friend who confessed to me na the editors of these magazines bring the foreign mags to the shoot and show it to the stylist, photog and makeup artist para they can copy the look.

Anonymous said...

actually when i first saw GARAGE, the first thing I thought was "NYLON copycat!". It looks more like NYLON than Cargo actually, down to the blurbs and the way the cover was put together. Nakakaloka!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on all your points except the one about Sugar Sugar, Seventeen, and Teen Vogue. Please get your facts straight.

It's nothing new for a magazine to be sold in a size smaller than the usual 8.5 x 11 size. In the UK, some titles such as Cosmopolitan are sold in 2 sizes, one of the regular variety and the other is the pocket-friendly version.

Believe it or not, Meg magazine (of MMPI) started out in this form. Seventeen shrunk only 2 or 3 years ago, so technically, hindi Seventeen ang unang culprit.

Just a clarification.