Monday, December 11, 2006


Jenn Cuneta is another Filipino we can be so proud of.
Her dance single, "Come Rain Come Shine" is burning the US airwaves and has entered Billboard's Dance Charts Top 10 since it's release. She has obviously followed Jocelyn Enriquez's success years back with "Do You Miss Me?" and "A Little Bit Of Ecstasy." You go girls!
'Come Rain Come Shine' by Keith Caulfield
The first thing you notice about Jenn Cuneta's buoyant 'Come Rain Come Shine' is that it heavily borrows from Wings' 'Silly Love Songs.'
It is a rare Paul McCartney-authorized sample, and the track takes full advantage of the song's springy disco-lite bassline and its unmistakable horn section.
The bubbly 'Come Rain Come Shine' is already a top 10 hit on the Hot Dance Radio Airplay chart and deserves to cross over to mainstream top 40 outlets looking for a sunny pop single.
Born in the Philippines, Jenn moved to the U.S. at a very young age. Jenn performed in numerous talent contests as a kid. She was set to appear on Star Search until her Dad, concerned about her schoolwork, forbid Jenn from continuing.
With tracks produced by Andy & The Lamboy, Jenn has had club dance and radio success with 'Spirit of Man' on Jellybean Records, (that also appeared on the 'Get Carter' soundtrack) as well as 'Potion' on Groovilicious Records and 'Now We are Free' on Tommy Boy Records.
In her native Philippines, Jenn released an album on Star Records and her single and video of 'Chip On My Shoulder' from that album can be seen on the Philippine-American TV channel, ABS-CBN.
Jenn has an incredible love for fashion and has incorporated that into her work. Jenn has held jobs with the fashion houses Armani and Ferragamo in New York.
'Come Rain, Come Shine' represents the first time that Paul McCartney has allowed a song of his ('Silly Love Songs') to be sampled for the dance-pop genre marketplace. Jenn's producers, Andy & the Lamboy, proudly share a co-writing credit with Sir Paul on this track.

It is also Star World's new bumber theme song, with Tata Young singing her own version.

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