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Borgy Manotoc took Mo Twister's Hot Seat last week, I must say, "AMEN". Not an iota of pretentiousness here. Props Borg.

He got a perfect 40 for answering all of Mo's questions as truthfully as possible, and he also had some answers that sent me reaching for a tissue from laughing with tears.

Read on:

Borgy Manotoc scored perfect 40, meaning, he answered all of DJ Mo's forbidden questions-that might get him in trouble.

Maraming artistang aalma sa mga sagot ni Borgy Manotoc sa 40 Forbidden Questions portion sa radio show ni DJ Mo sa Magic 89.9 na "Good Times" last Wednesday morning, November 28.

The good news is that Borgy scored a perfect 40, meaning nasagot at sinagot niyang lahat ang katanungan sa kanya. Ang apo ng yumaong presidente ng Pilipinas na si Ferdinand Marcos at anak nina Congresswoman Imee Manotoc at former PBA coach Tommy Manotoc ang ikalawang guest celebrity na naka-perfect score sa said Wednesday segment ng show ni DJ sa Magic 89.9, after Manay Lolit Solis. Pumapangalawa sa kanila si Tim Yap na naka 39 out of 40.

The bad news, dahil sinagot niya nga ang lahat ng katanungan, naparakaming artista at celebrities ang nabanggit niya na tiyak na magka-cry foul in these following controversial questions:

Worst dressed celebrity? - Gwen Garci, parang stuck in the '80s, puro neon from head to foot.

Plastic celebrity? - KC Montero (no explanation)

Better in bed, Ornussa Cadness or Sara Meier? - Ornussa

Sasabihan niya ng 'Dude, admit it, you're gay' - Sam Milby (although he also mentioned Piolo Pascual and Lance Raymundo)

Person you won't work with anymore? - Christian Bautista (Christian was invited to an art show to receive or present an award with Borgy. Christian refused daw to go inside the place, just waited inside his car and just wanted someone to cue him kung siya na ang susunod na magri-receive or magpi-present. Medyo naartehan si Borgy sa kanya at nag-side comment pa na baka may ka-sex sa loob ng car kaya ayaw lumabas.)

Famous people you slept with? - Lana Asanin (nung 15 years old siya), Victoria London (forget it daw), Vina Morales (huhuntingin daw siya nito).

Celebrity who you think has gone under the knife? - Pops Fernandez

Celebrities na hindi niya napormahan dahil natameme siya - Ina Raymundo, MTV VJ Nadia Hutagalung, Angel Aquino.

Sa modeling business, Borgy answered the following questions:

Worst billboards? - Bench Understatement ads (yung mga may disco balls) and F&H (Polo Ravales).

Who in the modeling industry would you consider medyo kulang sa brains? - Luke Jickain (kasi daw one time sa isang party walang makausap na matino si Luke so in the end, ang kinausap na lang niya is a 12-year-old boy about computer games).

Model who doesn't look like one? - Robbie Mananquil.

May mga sagot din si Borgy sa mga political questions such as:

Worst Metro Manila cities - Quezon City and Manila

Worst experience with a politician - Joseph Estrada (excited pa naman daw siyang magpa-picture, pero lasing si Erap).

Worst celebrity politician - "My mom!" (joke), Cesar Montano (he joked about their bout sa mayoralty race kuno in Manila)

On sex and personal questions, Borgy has this to say:

Lost his virginity -14 years old with a girl na 16 years old.

How long is "yours" (penis size)? -An inch shorter than Troy Montero's (Troy answered 8" so 7" siya).

Weirdest place he had sex with someone - In a photo studio during a shoot in between costume change

Last time he masturbated - Yesterday (Tuesday) morning in the shower - a good thing to do waking up without his girlfriend around

Cheated on his girlfriend? - No (maraming callers ang hindi naniwala).

Threesome - "Yes, once, but I did not enjoy this."

Man crush? - John Hall (walang bahid ng kabadingan at hindi vain).

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