Sunday, December 17, 2006


I really gotta hand it to Mo Twister. He has a knack for losers. But this entry isn't about Mo. It's about Geneva and Rachel something.

For those of you who have no idea who these bimbos are, lemme clue you in. And mind you, these things I know about them are the same things I have known about them since like 10 years ago. Nothing exciting ever happens to them.

Geneva (the girl who looks like she works at Hooters), is a former member of the vocal group of yesteryear called Smokey Mountain. Other members were Jeffrey Hidalgo, Tony Lambino and Jason Coronel. They had hits such as Kailan and The Coconut Nut, under the tutelage of Maestro Ryan Cayabyab. Heck, the young Geneva can sing, if you call goat noise singing. Her vibratto sounds like a young goat, and that's her best asset.
Growing up, the group disappeared, but Geneva stayed on. Hooking up with Paco Arespacochaga, drummer of the group Introvoys, later on was also knocked up by Paco, and named their boy Heaven, after Introvoys' hit Line To Heaven. Baduy 'di ba? Walang imagination!

And you guessed it, that relationship went to nowhere, so with Geneva's new set of knockers, and a kid, she set her eyes on a new beau, KC Montero, and they have been together ever since (or KC has been with her breasts ever since). Now Geneva's career has gone to zero to non-existent. All she knows how to do is to sing covers of Shakira's Whenever Wherever. Shaking her floaters and booty on noontime tv shows, to pinoy audiences abroad, and maybe some barrio fiestas here and
Rachel Alejandro on the other hand is the daughter of then kilabot ng mga kolehiyala, Hadji Alejandro (ngayon, kulobot na sya). She has had hits such as Mr. Kupido, Kay Tagal, Nakapagtataka (a remake of her dad's hit, how predictable) and Paalam Na (originated from a break up letter in English from beau Dingdong Avanzado, who has a penchant for huge blimp bossoms, ended up with Jessa Zaragoza).

After that break-up and hit, Rachel is now a nobody. She now delivers health food with her sister.
These 2 are best friends. And now I know why. They are both career mishaps, and they are both silicone stuffed dumbheads. They were recently interviewed by Mo Twister in his show, Forbidden
Questions, and when asked which singer they consider overrated, they answered Regine Velasquez.

Teka lang ha. Regine, overrated? I mean hey, I'm not a huge Regine fan. I like her work. I think she's a wonderful, nice and very talented woman. Could her staying power, multi-platinum albums, sold out
concerts, box office hits, endorsements and fan base say anything more?

Kapal naman ng mukha nyong dalawang sabihin 'yan. Wala na nga kayong career, ang sama pa ng ugali nyo. Well, if para mag ingay lang eh why not 'di ba? Ganyan talaga kung wala ka ng maisip na paraan para mapansin.
You two had better look at yourselves in the mirror, deflate your ultra bloated egos (throw your mammaries in), and step down from the clouds.

One word: insecurity.
One more word: laos.


Anonymous said...

First of all it think you didnt even listen to mo twisters show that day. If you would have you wouldve known that rachel answered regine not geneva. Secondly they never said that they were better than anyone they mentioned on the show, just that in their opinions thats what they felt. you obvioulsy have youre own opinion hence your bashing blog. what makes them any different than you? Oh, I know..maybe their careers arent where they used to be but theyre are still doing what they love and that is singing and entertaining audiences around the world. You on the otherhand has to hide behind a webpage in order to hand out dirt. courageous..

BASHING 101 said...

Yeah, and signing your comment under "anonymous" sure is courageous huh? if you can't handle this blog, why don't you go and hang out at instead? and throw in a grammar book while you're at it too.

Lou said...

I do agree that Regine is an overrated singer (although it may be argued that she is not untalented). When she sings those high notes, which unfortunately seems to be in every song she sings, she sounds like she's shouting. It's actually irritating for me. But that's my opinion. Same as it may have been Rachel's opinion. We're all entitled to our own opinions. Let's keep it at that... I hope this blog will be an expression of your opinion. Please don't bash others for expressing theirs.

ann said...

kaya nga opinion eh..

OA ka

Tip of the Iceberg said...

I just discovered this site today. And I think it's entertaining. Thank you! While we're at it, let's add Geneva's "sister", Jeffrey Hidalgo, to the list of ashfalls. I know for a fact that this guy (?) is really not who he ("ma'am/sir"?) seems to project in the showbiz arena. Yes, folks, the total opposite. Oh, but don't get me wrong; he IS intelligent...and that's about it. He's your (BAD) Boy-Next-Door, your (FAIRWEATHER) Friend, your Santo(-ng KABAYO), your ever-reliable (PAY) Pal. And, I recently heard, your Credit Grabber par excellence (and does it ever so cunningly; see, he IS smart). He is all trash, all fart. Worthy of being called, indeed, a member of the Smokey Mountain. *cough* *cough* (mausok, eh).

Paco Arespacochaga said...

Heaven is a better name than... Marimar or Sergio.