Monday, February 05, 2007


I am so thrilled about Philippines' Next Top Model. Because of them, I have something new
to bash!
Where do I even fuckin' begin with this?

First of all, I really think it should have been called Manila's Next Top Model. 'Coz "Philippines" as a word doesn't stand alone with the absence of the word "The". It's always, "Welcome to THE PHILIPPINES!", "THE PHILIPPINES is such a nice place!", "I hate the traffic in THE
PHILIPPINES!". Tutal, halos lahat naman ng finalist taga Manila.

Second, why the hell is it gonna air over at Channel 9? Pucha, may nanunuod pa ba ng Channel
9? My mom USED TO tune in just to check the time. And I tune it to laugh at Harry Gasser. Solar got this all wrong.

Unang una, bakit si Ruffa? Ah, eh, model ba sya? Ni model housewife hinding hindi din eh. Well fine, siguro naglabas din sya ng kayamanan to franchise ANTM. Pero bakit pa din sya? Mas tatanggapin ko pa na si Celia Rodriguez or si Princess Punzalan ang host, wag lang sya. At syempre, wala syang mga ipapakitang mga pictures connected to the shoots being conducted, unless umaariba sya ngayon sa kakashoot para lang may mapakita sa TV. Ni experience as a model wala syang mashashare. She doesn't even know how to be a model, much less a TOP MODEL. She's not even a top actress for pete's sake. I mean why should the finalist take criticism and advice from someone who hasn't even lived a year of her life as a real model? Baka masampal ko lang sya kung inadvicean nya ako no, wala naman syang alam.

Pangalawa, bakit sa Channel 9? You already know what happened with Philippine Idol being aired at Channel 5. And now repeat performace pa kayo? Wow suicide.

Pangatlo, the people who are going to watch PNTM are the same followers of ANTM. So obviously, they already have set standards, set of course by ANTM. So either PNTM at least matches ANTM or maybe trumps it, which I doubt. ANTM uses harnesses, vintage cars, wild animals and they even go abroad for the shoots. I don't think PNTM can do that. Ni sa mga movies nga natin walang mga harnesses eh, kayo pa? And san naman kayo tatravel? Sa Olongapo? Bulacan? Pampanga? "Pack your bags because we're all going to Mandaue! You, you and you!"

Pang-apat, san nyo ba pinagpupupulot ang mga finalist? You know what, it sounds more like you chose them for their occupations than their looks. I only think 4 are KINDA pretty, but the rest of them can start working at SM.
Haay, gudlak na lang kung may season 2 ng PNTM no. Mag tie up na lang kayo sa Style Magazine para masaya.

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I don't understand your Louis Vuitton bashing (sorry, I really love my Louis) but this is hilarious. I had the same thoughts when I first saw the show... kapal ng mukha ni Ruffa e hindi naman siya model!