Saturday, March 10, 2007


I don't even know where to start with this. Sumasakit ulo ko sa mga ito!

This so called "modeling search" has had 6 legs already. A good 95% of the finalists and winners are fuglies (fucking uglies). And to top it all off, this magazine is non-existent. And get this, the winner of the Grand Finale (all winners of all six legs competing) will land on the cover of the magazine that is no where to be found. Ni sa Booksale wala kang makikitang Style.

Now help me with this. I don't even know how this event gets sponsors. Mango, Perry Ellis, Gas, Moschino and Shangri-La? Come on you guys, didn't you even ask for a copy of their magazine and checked the date?

I remember the only 2 covers they had. First was a red one with Cindy Kurleto on the cover (who looked more like Cory Quirino) and a Supermodel issue (how predictable). And now they are no where to be found. Mas sikat pa yung search kesa sa magazine! Now how did that happen?

And ito pa, not one of their winners are seen in any major fashion show, event, TV ad or print ad. This search is crawling with wannabes that I wanna rip my hair off! Sana naman hanapan nyo muna ng trabaho yung nanalo, pasikatin nyo, then do another show. Kaya puro walang kwenta mga sumasali sa inyo eh.

Almost no one in the fashion industry has heard about the event, or maybe if they did they chose to ignore it.

I got to talk to one of the judges in one of the legs, and he said it was such a laugh fest, and he could hardly believe what he was seeing. He even went on to say he doesn't even know how the hell he agreed to judge it in the first place. And I heard too that the word about the search travelled really fast in the industry, so now they're having a hard time getting someone real to judge it!

I guess the person to blame though is the head honcho himself, Rob Altamirano, whom I met at a Canon event years ago. He was cool, but I never saw him as a wannabe, or someone who would give wannabes false hopes.

In fairness naman, the last 2 male winners of this thing are kinda promising. These two make up the 5% of the non-fuglies. But the rest, to the dungeons!

And how about the title huh? Eye Catchers Model Search?! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak! The term EYE CATCHER is so 80s!!!! Chaka. Mas matatake ko pa ang HEAD TURNER or CRUSH NG BAYAN no! Kadiri!

Eh kamusta naman ang host na si Lance Raymundo? Can I just say LAOS or WALANG CAREER or SINO YAN? Sana si Richard Reynoso or si Jojo Alejar na lang nilagay nila diba, tutal pare-pareho naman silang walang career, pero mas sikat naman 'tong dalawang 'to! Buti pa si Jojo Alejar may show. Eh si Lance? All he has are flop albums, and a super talented brother to outshine him forever.

And have you even seen the magazine? The layout is horrible, at nakakahilo ang colors and fonts! It's like PULP meets K-Zone and Totally Girl.

Nakakaawa tuloy yung mga finalist. I'm sure they think na sisikat sila pag nanalo sila sa Style. I hope things like this stop. Events and people like this are preying over innocent wannabes who deserve to know the truth. Grabe 'coz I know these wannabes. They'd do anything just to get a break. Their parents spend and spend on clothes, transportation, pictures, make-up and effort na wala namang pupuntahan.

I just hope these kids finally wake up and smell the roses. They're better off channelling their energies onto something worthwhile and not something they'd be ridiculed at.

Sa Style, itigil nyo na yan. Obvious bang you're using the finalists as bait to nab sponsors? I saw kaya the last leg at the Shang and walang katao tao kaya. Walang nakukuha ang sponsors sa inyo so sana makonsensya naman kayo. And sa mga sponsors naman, wag kayong papaloko. Tignan nyo muna yung magazine nila no, and mag survey muna kayo kung sino mga ka deal nyo. Wala kayong kaalam-alam chuckie pala ang sinosponsoran nyo na event.

I'm sure you wouldn't wanna be associated with fuglies right?


Anonymous said...

This model search is a scam. I found out that they ask the wannabee models to pay a certain amount for "registration fee". ano ba yan, kumikita na nga sila sa psonsors pinagkakakitaan pa nila ang mga kawawang bata.

Anonymous said...

i participated i the first leg of this model search. until now, they have not given me my prizes... that was ages ago!!!