Thursday, April 12, 2007


Let me clear the air for everyone.

I put up this blog because I hate pretentiousness.

Any form of it.

I have come across gazillions of people who are due a much needed bashing because they deserve it. And I have also come across people who don't.

This blog is for those who do.

If you are offended with my blog, and disagree with my opinions, then clearly I have stepped on your nerves. Which also means that you are guilty of the things I aired out.

The ones who chose to laugh about it and poke fun at it are clearly not offended. And most likely are not guilty.

Everyone is entitled to a lifestyle. Yes that is true. But I just seriously wish that people would choose a lifestyle that they can afford. Not a lifestyle to keep up with just because it's cool and people will take notice.

If you can afford it, and comfortably at that, then well and good. But if you can't, and still yearn for these luxuries, then I consider you pretentious.

Chuvaness has been very classy in reacting to my blog post. She thinks it's funny, I hope she knows the kind of people I'm talking about, and clearly she's not offended because she respects my opinions, and she never said anything negative about it. She is clearly someone who has a sense of humor, and someone who is very comfortable about who she is. Thank You for that chuvaness. I thought that LV coffin was hilarious too.

And the post's goal wasn't even to make everyone guilty because you don't share to charities. I mean of course I wish you did, but the post was mainly about people who live beyond their means.

I know of so many who are like this, and it makes me vomit everytime I see them and hear them talk. I would just love to mention their names but I don't want to make a scene. Why can't they just be who they are? Why do they think people will respect them if they have such luxuries?

Again yes, to each his own. If they wanna live in a lie, then go ahead. I'm just glad I'm not friends with these people.

This blog is just my tool of release. It's not the newspaper or The Bible you know. But hey, you gotta admit, it's pretty entertaining. Hardehar.

I'm glad my post sparked some interest.

And I hope it at least made you guys think.


Anonymous said...

well said...

Anonymous said...

you're cleared. Wala pa bang bago?

By the way, i have a question? Why our is Xeng Zulueta included in your subtitle? You apparently know nothing about her. I used to think that she was a climber but when I met her, I was quite impressed at her christian simplicity. She's quite born again and buys her clothes from tiangge. And she's proud of it. In fact because of her, I found out that one can actually buy vintage Christian Espiritu's on tiangge. :)

I think it's just the people she's associated with. But i do think she's a very kind and simple christian girl. :)

Anonymous said...

ikaw na mismo ang nagsabi na hindi mo sinisiraan sina Tessa Valdez at si Celine Lopez dahil medyo na-meet mo na sila at nakita mo na sila pala ay may mga magagada namang katangian. Sana'y kilalanin mo rin muna sina Tim Yap at si Xeng Zulueta . Ang huli ko'ng binanggit ay isang napaka-simple at mabait na tao. Sa katunayan, isa kang bad judge of character dahil ang pinuri mong si Borgy Manotoc na apo ng isa sa pinakakilalang mamamatay tao sa ating bayan ay isa na ring kilalang bugbugero. I'm sure di rin magtatagal ay isa na rin siyang mamamatay tao. ( This is proven by the men he's beaten up just because they spoke to his girlfriend)

Sana'y maghunusdili ka sa iyong bashing. Nakikita ang iyong bitterness eh.

Anonymous said...

not vommit