Saturday, April 28, 2007


Just came from a family reunion.

My 12 year old cousin starts talking to me about the web, YouTube, limewire, the ipod, and boys.

Gosh, feeling dalaga na ito! Eh wala ka pa ngang lovely lady lumps no! Sarap tirisin sobra.

Then she shares with me this site where a dude named Justin, walks around San Francisco, goes about his everyday life, wearing a live webcam on his ear.

This webcam is on 24/7. He wears it in the bathroom, on a date, and yes, while he's sleeping. Kinabog ang Big Brother!

I just checked it out, and the dude's sleeping. It's 12:30AM his time. Ang aga naman matulog nito.

And you can even embed his live video cast in your blog!

Kaloka no?

I wonder what possessed him to do this?

Siguro wala syang masyadong friends.

And aminin natin, padami na ng padami ang sumisikat sa YouTube and web marketing.

There's Alyssa Alano, Von Lee Smith, the lipsynching Asian Backstreet Boys, and Alanis' My Humps parody.

Watch Justin's every move at

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