Monday, April 16, 2007


Nakakapang-init ng ulo yung fake brit accent ni Lea I swear!

If I'm not mistaken, this vid was in 1989, the same year Miss Saigon opened in London.

So wala pang isang year, brit na ang accent ni Lea.

And didn't she have a reputation of having a new accent everytime she comes back from wherever?


Anonymous said...

i can't stop wonderring how your parents raised you up. you really take time to look for the ugly things in people, or rather see the things that don't really matter as ugly and negative. how sad. :(

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this vid. I LOVED IT. So what if has an accent?. She's on British TV. Better to be to be understood that way. Love her!

Anonymous said...

the thing with living abroad for an extended period of time, you tend to pick up the accent of the locals because it makes for easier communication. and then, when you're back in your homeland it's not that easy to get back to your "original" accent because it takes time for the tongue to get used to it.

Anonymous said...

You actually need to mimic the accent when in london so that you'd understand the brits properly and vice versa...thats what you get if youre working with them everyday, you cant help it talaga. Sometimes you dont even notice that you have an accent already...Anyway, i love your blog! its so funny! and the PNTM things are so true!hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

What a fake. I've been living here in __ for 3 years and guess what? I don't have an accent.

Anonymous said...

she looks like a hampas-lupa.

BASHING 101 said...

Anonymous said...
she looks like a hampas-lupa.

Tue Apr 24, 05:49:00 AM 2007

Hahaha. You clearly didn't watch Miss Saigon.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why people don't get bashed when they speak with an American accent.

LeaisWaaaayOverrated said...

"I wonder why people don't get bashed when they speak with an American accent."

Nice observation. But better yet, I wonder why Pinoys get bashed when they speak with a Filipino accent. Hmmmmm?

Love this site, btw. Soooooo funny! My fave so far is the Brazilian Invasion.

I've been in the States for 13 years now btw and, NO, it's absolutely not necessary to mimic the native accent of wherever you live in for you to be understood better. As long as you're clear, you're good. I should know, I talk to people constantly in my work.

Let's face it, Lea always struck me as kinda pretentious. Don't know her at all but that's how she's always seemed to me even nung bata pa s'ya. She's one of those horrible types sa Pinas na puro fucking English ang pinagsasabi!

My friends give me grief for not liking her but, COME ON, "Miss Saigon" is a show about prostitutes. She plays an underage prostitute there for goodness' sake! And even if we say it's West End, Cameron Mackintosh, or whatever shit, let's face it, the only reason why Pinoys mostly got picked for that show was because (1) there aren't that many good theatrical Vietnamese or other Asians who can mimic American accents and (2) there aren't that many Asian-American theatrical actors who can play those roles.

Lea Salonga is good but she's waaaaay overrated. She's got a great voice but it's dull and so is she.

Anonymous said...

OMG thank you so much for posting this. She is soooo annoying. I had no idea she was such a shape-shifter with her accents. She always struck me as pretty fake and pretentious too. But I guess Filipinos love that don't they? Here in America, these personalities are pretty scoffed at. Madonna for instance (British sometimes, American when she wants to be).

Anonymous said...

I have to admit...while the accent is put on, it's a pretty decent british accent.

It's not as annoying as people who try to speak with a british accent, and are convinced they are speaking with a british accent when they really aren't speaking with a british accent at all. :D

Even center agents who speak with a (bad)fake accent even when they aren't in a call center...but that's another story.

Hope you make more posts.